Our Story & The Team


Our Story...

Aribella Events creates an intimate planning experience, offering comprehensive wedding and event planning, along with custom floral design, both in Philadelphia and available for travel - we needed a name that captured all of that romance, the adventure, the beauty, the connection we share when we celebrate all that life has to offer...  and we found it when Tonia inherited this letter from her grandmother's great-grandmother: 

"My Dear Aribella," the letter begins, "I hope the time will come when we shall see each other face to face without the mediums of pen and ink..." 

This lovely piece of parchment, written in December 1815, with its faded ink and worn creases embodies the idea of a love that creates a Legacy in and of itself - the Legacy of a Love Story. You already have the Love Story, let Aribella make it a Legacy. 


The Team

 We at Aribella Events believe in the power of connection, in the beauty of love.  We believe in and pursue beauty - and we find it in every love story.  We believe in authenticity and excellence, making a difference by creating moments to celebrate life itself. Working with busy couples who want to create a unique wedding experience for their guests, we at Aribella Events make magic happen on a daily basis. Your event is the canvas, from the broad sweeping strokes of the perfect venue to the fine details of lighting and linens, we balance intuition and knowledge, logistics and beauty to create a masterpiece.

For any other requests, including internships, writing or other creative collaborations, please use or contact form or email Tonia directly at tonia@aribellaevents.com


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