Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from the couples and families we work with. Please let us know if you have additional questions, we are here to exceed your expectations and to keep you informed every step of the way.

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Tonia, how long have you been planning weddings and events; how did you get started?

I started my first planning company as a junior in college, long before anyone really knew what a “wedding planner” was. (Hard to believe that was nearly twenty years ago now!) I still remember one of my weddings during the summer Jennifer Lopez and Matthew McConaughey starred in “The Wedding Planner.” One of the groomsmen couldn't remember my name to save his very life, so he called me “J.Lo” all weekend…. At least he knew I was "The Wedding Planner!" 


What sets Aribella Events apart from other planning and design companies?

Aribella Events is all about the relationships and the magic that unfolds when we connect with your love story, inner circle, and personal style. From the first time we meet we’ll focus on creating the vision for your wedding with impeccable style and attention to detail, but our passion is to go way beyond that. By getting to know you as an individual and as a couple, we will help you design an unforgettable celebration that is entirely unique and infused with your personal identities.

We often become trusted friends with our clients and it’s not uncommon for us to get together after the wedding over a cup of coffee, or to stay in touch about new puppies and babies, moves and careers. We’re looking forward to getting to know you and to discovering how we can make your celebration all about you and the ones you love.


Will I lose control of my wedding if you are planning it with me?

Not in the least! We’re all about collaboration and supporting your vision, and we can offer you support no matter where you are in the planning process. We’re here to help you manage your schedule and to take care of all the little things that you are just too busy to do, like pre-screening locations and wedding professionals based on your aesthetic, personality, and budget. Our philosophy is that a wedding or special event has three parts: the planning, the day itself, and the remembering - you should enjoy all three and we're here to make that possible. 


Will you work with the vendors I’ve already hired?

Absolutely. And if you have additional professionals left to hire, we can help you find the “just right” fit for you, your style and your budget. No matter who you choose for your team, you can count on us to work seamlessly with every member to ensure we are all on same page, carrying out your vision with grace and the utmost professionalism.


How far in advance should I book?

Odds are high, if you're on our website now, you should schedule a Meet & Greet call or drop us a note today. Dates generally book 6-12 months in advance for floral design and 6-18 months for wedding and event planning and event management. (A planner is incredibly helpful from the very beginning to create a planning schedule and aid you in the venue selection.  Once you decide on a venue, a floral designer should be your next professional to secure.) 


This sounds perfect; what are  your rates?

It depends entirely on what you're looking for. We offer as much or as little support as you might need; especially since we offer both planning and event management AND floral and event design all under one roof.  

Our Legacy [Planning + Design + Event Management] is our full-service planning package; this is where we really shine. To partner with you together from the very beginning to create the entire experience, both yours and that of your guests. We come alongside you wherever you are in the planning process (most often that's early on,) and guide you throughout the entire experience. This level of service blends the science of logistics, schedules and checklists with the art and beauty of your love story as the anchor, creating an ambience and experience unique to you for you and your guests to share. Our Legacy Planning + Design + Event Management fee is $15,000. 

Our Heirloom [Event Management] is for the couple that has embarked upon the adventure of planning their own wedding together. A no-stone-left-unturned process of taking all of your hard work during the planning process and come alongside you to weave the details together seamlessly, shifting the role (and stress!) of Event Management from you to us. The Heirloom Event Management services brings us together for a minimum of six weeks (more often 2-6 months) and the fee is $3,500. 

Lastly, our Life is Art [Floral Design] minimum is $2,500, and the total will vary depending on the selected flowers, quantity, intricacy of design, etc. Generally speaking, your wedding flowers will run about 15-20% of your overall budget for custom design. Everything we do in Life is Art [Floral Design] is custom-tailored for your wedding, from the color palette to the floral selections to the sketch and the creation of each piece. Visit our Life is Art [Floral Design] for a sneak peek into some of our past work.

Combining services? Perfect. Let us know and we'll let you know of the extra incentives in store for you. 


Do you offer any discounts? 

We're thrilled to show our appreciation and gratitude to our military couples with a 10% discount on any/all services they choose.

We also have also hand-selected a group of professionals over the years that we respect and love working with, whose quality of service and product we can rely on and match (or exceed!) our expectations. We're happy to offer their couples a gift certificate to use towards either planning or floral. Not sure if one of your vendors might already be on our list? Just ask. 


Do you take credit cards and do you offer payment plans?

We accept credit card payments within our online booking program and we're happy to create a payment plan based on your needs. We understand that your budget is a key component of your event and we want to be your ally in working with it.


Where do you work? Do you only do weddings in the Philadelphia area? 

That's an easy one: Where do you want to go?! With clients, industry friends and connections the world over (and one hand on the passport!) we're ready to bring the party wherever you want to go, domestically or internationally. Our floral studio is based in Exton, Pennsylvania, in beautiful Chester County, just outside of Philadelphia - but again, we're happy to work anywhere. 


How many people from Aribella will be at our wedding, and do you take more than one event per day?

For most weddings and events we work in teams of two. With a larger guest count or an intricate time schedule, we’ll bring on additional team members to ensure everything flows smoothly. Each team member is assigned to only one event per day so you will always have his or her undivided attention.


Can we contact your past clients for references?

Definitely; we love our clients and we are happy to say, they love us too. Check out what some of our past clients have to say about working with us. 


We’re ready to get started, what happens next?

The next step is for you to schedule a twenty-minute Meet & Greet call. This gives us the opportunity to get to know each other, and offers us a chance to learn about your wedding plans and what will be most important to you as those plans unfold. We welcome both of you to be involved in the planning to the extent that works best for you. 


We have a few more questions before scheduling initial consultation, can we give you a quick call?

Absolutely! You can reach our office at 484.843.1265 or email us at and we’ll be thrilled to get right back to you.


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