Write Your Guests into Your Love Story

When it comes to personalizing your wedding, it used to be that the options were limited to the color of your flowers and which logo you wanted hot-stamped on the cocktail napkins. Thankfully (!) those days are long gone; not only are the possibilities endless, but many couples find an inspirational “anchor” in personalizing their wedding. Not only is customizing your wedding an excellent way to avoid the dreaded cookie-cutter effect so many couples fear when it comes to their own wedding, the process also opens the door for you and your fiancé to create something magical together – and even better, to then share that creation with your closest friends and family.

Bring your guests into your love story. If you’ve been around us at Aribella Events for a minute or two, you know that we love a good love story. Throw in international travel and adventure and we’re absolute putty in your hands. Meet Elizabeth and Will, one of our favorite couples. (link to their gallery) They met as the only Americans frequenting a fish market one afternoon in Muscat, Oman. Their dating relationship was one for the storybooks, involving visits to dozens of cities around the world. Rather than simply number the guests’ tables at the reception, each was named after a city they traveled to during their courtship. In addition to a beautiful centerpiece and favors from Dubai (where the couple lived while planning their destination wedding to Philadelphia,) each table also included a framed snapshot and anecdote from the couples’ travels to the tables’ namesake. My personal favorite was from their first meeting: “Muscat, Oman will always hold a special place in our hearts as the place where we met and the place we were engaged.  Not long after we were engaged, Will and I came across a collection of pictures that he took the weekend we met.  Stored on a camera he no longer uses; these pictures were stashed away for over two years.  To our surprise, Will had actually snapped a photo of the outside of the fish market in Muscat where we met just minutes before our chance encounter. If you look closely, the photo shows me walking into the fish market.  To this day, we still cannot believe that we have a picture capturing the moment in time when our lives were brought together. “



Admit it, you sighed and maybe even “awww’d,” didn’t you?


(Photo: Faith West)


Another one of our favorite couples, Jessica and Schmuel, (link to gallery) shared an absolutely magical moment during their engagement. They were completely encircled by a rainbow that met its reflection in the water, creating an unbroken circle of meaning and promise. This magical moment was recreated in a variety of ways throughout the wedding, including the design of a color-blocked rainbow of flowers, under which the guests walked to enter the ceremony. The couple brought their wedding celebration to the East Coast in order to celebrate the bride’s grandmother’s 95th birthday, not only making it possible for her to attend the wedding - but also celebrating her just as much, if not more, than their own wedding. From the very beginning of their planning, they set out to include their guests in very intimate ways, including creating their Chuppah from personal messages from friends and family on quilted squares. They then created a beautiful piece of art incorporating both their chuppah covering and ketubah that hangs in their home as a beautiful reminder of their promise - and those who celebrated with them.


(Photo: Rainbow Floral Arch – Laura Eaton Photography)



Still another favorite couple, Stephania and Jesse, (link to gallery) hosted their holiday weekend wedding at Trout Lake Retreat Center in the Poconos. Bringing their closest friends and family to a sleep-away camp, complete with cabins, fire pits and spike ball tournaments, provided the perfect get-away for this tight-knit community and the high school sweethearts at the center of it all. And yet another tear-jerker and contender for all-time favorite moment… Jesse, along with a few close friends, serenading his bride in her processional to their wedding ceremony between the maple trees at the lakeside. A close friend officiated their wedding and it’s still one of my favorites. (Just so happens these two remain on the top of the list for “craziest things I’ve seen at weddings” thus far – including this epic moment with Stephania hacking into the groom’s pizza cake with a true to life samurai sword. TMNT fans, eat your heart out.)



(Photo: Devin Peppler Photo)



If you haven’t guessed yet, just about every couple we work with is a “favorite.” As they share their love story with me, and I get to know them both as individuals and as a couple, I fall in love all over again - with them and their love story. Together, we find the details that mark their adventures together and create a way to weave their story throughout their wedding experience. It’s my most favorite part of my job. Then again, I have a lot of favorites… ;)

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